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The first collaboration between Manchester born Ione and Los Angeles native David Blazer is a balancing act of digital/analog synthesis. Mixed with Ione’s soulful vocal creating a new kind of electronic soul. The Tide Is Changing sees an evolution in Ione’s usual throwback soul vibe.

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Ione is a singer –songwriter with roots firmly in gospel and soul music. The multi talented artist has lent her vocals to many other projects as a featured and backing vocalists. Ione is currently in The west End smash hit musical ‘’Thriller Live’’ not wanting to choose between theatre and being a recording artist Ione dropped a promo single ‘’Adore You’’ In MAY 2017 but is now set to release her 1st single from a new body of work

Completing the project thousands of miles from each other, David aka A Sol Mechanic and Ione would make progress through conference calls. The result is a sleek, edgy song showing off Ione’s effortless vocals as she declares
"The tide is Changing, If you didn’t now you know"